Manual Therapist
Carrie Wegreen,  Licensed

Carrie Wegreen is a Licensed Manual Therapist trained in Osteopathic Techniques. Raised in Alberta she moved to BC to further her education. She has been in a formal apprenticeship with an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner for the last 2 years and  received her diploma in Therapeutic Manual Practice in 2018. Her education also includes the Chikley Health Institute and Upledger Institute International.  Driven to continually increase her depth of understanding and skill, Carrie is currently studying at the Canadian School of Osteopathy. Carrie has a general practice with interest in visceral manipulation, circulatory dysfunction, and mental health.

After suffering from a serious accident, she found healing and renewed hope from manual therapy treatments, which restored her body and changed her life. This profound experience has given her a deep passion to see other people’s lives changed through manual therapy; helping their body restore to optimal health and function, so that her patients can pursue their highest potential with renewed hope! Carrie builds her practice around the key principle of treating the patient not the symptom.

In her free time, Carrie loves hanging out with her eight nieces and nephews and being out in nature; quadding, camping, and hiking... or anything outdoors!