Manual Osteopathic Therapy Services

Manual Osteopathic Therapy encompasses a range of methodologies and techniques based on palpatory assessment.  A main concept of osteopathy is to release obstructions and realign structures by working with the inherent rhythms of the body, thereby promoting self-regulation. This may include alignment of bone and visceral/organic structures, releasing tension in the muscles and fascia, assisting nerve pathways and passage of vital fluids such as arterial, venous, and lymphatic systems, as well brain and spinal fluid via the cranio-sacral mechanism.

How It Works

A comprehensive health interview is done along with a full body assessment to look for areas in possible relation to symptoms, as well to examine significant events which the body has been through, involving compensation or adaptations, or even the influence of gravity on posture, or repetitive activities.  Important events could be surgeries, illnesses, injuries (e.g. falls or whiplash), and even emotional events can stress the body.  Past events can relate to, or compound current symptoms and addressing them can assist with improvements.  An example is scar tissue preventing mobility, or causing a pull to distant structures.

Benefits of Osteopathic Treatments

Others who might consider osteopathy are those experiencing chronic pain, digestive symptoms, headaches, fatigue, hormonal disturbances, or who have an interest in maintaining a healthy body and physical function. Additionally, any individual can benefit from the opportunity to experience more balance between the sympathetic ‘flight-or-flight’ state of this busy ‘modern world’ and the ‘rest-and-digest’ parasympathetic state, being increasingly recognized as decreasing inflammation.  


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